Well I just officially left the long trail and am heading east towards new Hampshire.


Killington Peak

Today I climbed up and over Killington, the first 4000 foot mountain since southern Virginia. It was a hard climb but well worth the effort. It has inspired me to look into getting a winter job on a ski slope so I can have access to a mountain to learn to ski on.

The past few days on the Long Trail have been gorgeous. The AT follows the long trail for 105 miles from the Vet/Ma border to Killington Vt. I have passed some amazing views and a few beautiful ponds.


I am in my last quarter of the trail and excited, and scared, to be nearing the end of my journey. I have maybe 50 more miles in Vermont left, and hope to be in Hanover New Hampshire by Saturday morning. Trail talk says that from Hanover expect to take another month to reach Katahdin. Lately I am reminded of Game Of Thrones, winter is coming! I have been watching the mountains, and more and more recently the leaves have been getting colored. I’m hoping to make this last stretch in less than a month and avoid falling into winter weather, it has occurred to me that I’m heading north into the oncoming season.

All in all it is an amazing journey and every day reminds me I’m alive and learning.

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