Post past due

It has been a long time since I have checked in. I have been wrapped up in enjoying as many moments as possible on this journey. And every time I think I will have time to post the experience has pulled me back in.

I started typing a post a couple weeks back, but never had service for it, then forgot I had it.

At the psychological half way point. I got my picture taken at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. I’m the 749 hiker to pass through this year on a thru hike.

Picture (was to) be posted from the next computer I get to. I have been separated from my camera since then, I’ll say I list it if it doesn’t get found and brought up trail by another hiker.

I made it here a little faster than I expected. I walked most of the Shenandoah’s on skyline drive because the views were better, and the road is where the original trail was. Day tripper and I met a lot of cool people who were at the waysides (general store).

Our friend Rocky had to get off the trail because he got a job opportunity. He has been the first person who I had been hiking with that had to leave the trail. However it was bitter sweet because he had a rental car to go to an interview in D.C. so he came out to meet us and say goodbye, for now. It was a bitter sweet parting.

[Back to the present]

Fortunately our friend Cat got back on the trail there after visiting Pittsburgh with friends after Bonnaroo. DayTripper hiked with us for another day before cranking out crazy miles to catch his friend RockSloth.

Cat and I then fell into a strange point between bubbles on the trail where we were the only hikers for days. In this time we crossed the 6th state off the list of states we have been through, and My brother and Natasha came to visit. Seeing as Winthrop had left me in southern Virginia, and i have been without a trail gnome for over 500 miles, Tasha left a gnome kit with me. Myrdoc of the woods was created soon after


Myrdoc of the Woods

Once we got close to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, the halfway point, we fell back in with hikers on the trail.

However being so close to home and cats father working in Baltimore,  we decided to visit for the fourth of July. We also used the trip to get rid of extra weight we had in our packs, I was able to shake 6 pounds out of my pack.

Back on the trail we passed though Duncannon and I left an AT gnome in the first shelter out for fellow hikers to pick up and travel with.


#ATgnome #GoingGnome

At that shelter some old friends of ours (we didn’t know were behind us) caught up and we have been hiking with them for the past week. Together we made it into Port Clinton. The past few days have been amazing, it has been a super moon so we have done two full moon night hikes knocking out good miles for the days total. We walked into a trail magic barbeque during a summer rain storm yesterday, one of the best spreads I’ve had since Georgia.

Cat and I had to go into town today so we fell a bit behind the group, but it has been a day of magic. We went into Hamburg Pa, stopped in at Cabela’s first to walk around and see the museum of wildlife we don’t ever see in the woods, even though it’s all around us. Then we stopped at McDonald’s on our way to Walmart, shopping as a hungry hiker is never good, and while we were hanging out in the store a Trail Angel started talking to us about hiking and then invited us to their home for showers, a ride to Walmart and back, let us spend the night and will take us to the trail in the morning. This experience is just another point that helps emphasize my view that the community is the best part of the trail.

I will try to stay connected, not just to the trail and woods, but here as well.

Happy Trails and Good Hiking,