Well I’m almost in Waynesboro Va, I was 20 miles outside the city when the crew I had been hiking with; Jolly Jumper, Golly Green Giant, Hard Head, Landslide, and MacGyver; when we decided to hitch down the mountain to Devil’s Backbone Brewery for dinner and drinks. We then were allowed to camp on stage in the brewery lawn and got a $5 breakfast in the morning. It was a great experience that I never expected to have, camping at a brewery.

The yesterday as we were hiking out MacGyver received a message from some friends asking him to come to Bonnaroo and that Miss Janet was coming to pick him up and drive to the festival with us. I happened to be at the right spot right time when I got to the road crossing he was going to wait at as Miss J pulled up as I was deciding if I wanted to go. I decided to take a detour to make some good memories off the trail with great people. I’m starting to feel like a “dirty hippie” good thing I got a shower this morning.


All loaded up and ready to hit the road

One thought on “Detour

  1. Good evening, Jay. I’m finally getting in touch by “net”, on my new PC, on my birthday too. Just thought I’d catch up on your trek. You’ve got some great pics. Thanks for the call the other night, it’s always good to hear from you. Have a great time and we’ll talk again next month sometime.
    Lots of love, Kathy

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