Hot Springs NC

I made it to Hot Springs NC, mile 274 (or something like that), in time to take a zero day to enjoy Easter Sunday. I was able to reconnect with my group of friends I had been following. I got separated from them when it snowed on us in the Smokies, I went 5 miles to the next shelter and they went 15 to the end of the Smokies. I hooked up with Smurf, Smokey the Beard, and Fitty Shrimp walked with them for the past 4 days. The day before I got to town I passed a gap that had great Trail Magic. It was at the end of my first 20 mile day and two past thru hikers had set up camp preparing for and easter party. They had farm grown organic veggie soup cooked over a camp fire, it was great. I finally got to get a photo gallery set up, check out the pictures from Springer to Gatlinburg. I’m about to hike out of town today, crossing the 300 mile mark this week

Happy Trails

Gatlinburg Tennessee

Its been 3 weeks on the trail, and I’ve crossed 200 miles. The past few days have been some of the best days I’ve spent hiking. Currently I am taking a nero day in Gatlinburg while walking through the Smoky Mountains. The past two days I have climbed over some great mountain views. Rocky Top was an amazing 360 degree panorama, I have to find a computer in town to upload pictures.  Yesterday I summited Clingmans Dome, the highest peak on the AT at 6653 feet in elevation.

NOC mile 135

Its been two weeks that I’ve been hiking and it feels like no time has passed. I am taking a zero day for the first time at the NOC today to stay out of the rain. Came in yesterday afternoon after hiking my first 16 mile day. It was not bad of a day despite the high miles. I’m glad my first zero day has been here, I am still in the mountains and it doesn’t feel like I’m out of the woods.

Franklin NC

I’ve made it to Franklin North Carolina and it’s almost been two weeks that I’ve been hiking. I’ve made some awesome friends been hiking together at a pretty good pace doing average of 10 miles a day. I also was given a trail name of beans. In the past week I crossed two milestones, the first state line and the first hundred miles down.


GA/NC border with Muffin Man

I finally got my computer cable for my camera so next time I get computer access more pictures will be on there way.