Helen GA

Made it 52 miles to my first resupply town. Yesterday was the first day we had to hike through rain.


More than 10% of everyone attempting a thru hike drop out at neels gap, this tree outside the mountain crossings outfitter there contains the shoes of a lot of the people dropping off the trail.

Neels gap

31 miles in 4 days! Off to a good start, no need to push for big miles yet. Splitting a cabin with 3 other hikers for the night its supposed to be another cold one. Pictures will be coming soon

3rd Day

Spending the night in suches Georgia its 21 tonight in the mountains. Decided to stay out of the snow flurries. So far its been great out here. The past two nights were spent camping next to some streams. Making some friends tonight in the hostel.

Heading South

Today is the day! I am departing today to drive down to Georgia with my friends Cory and Ted. I will be getting there late tonight and tomorrow I will be putting the first miles on the trail. Ted and Cory will be hiking with me to Springer Mountain summit and then back to the car where they will head home and I will hike north. I can hardly believe that the day is finally here, my pack is stuffed, my spirits are high, and the adventure of a lifetime is about to take off.



I have been working on gathering supplies and filling my pack, and as my deadline to set out approaches I can’t help but start to feel excited about getting on the trail. I keep reflecting on my past experience hiking on the trail. My first time hiking a section of the AT was in the Grayson Highlands in 2008, unfortunately I didn’t get any photos on that trip because it was just a single overnight trip I went on while I was at college and I didn’t have a camera at the time. So when my friends suggested a backpacking through the Grayson Highlands in 2012 I jumped at the opportunity.  We went on a four day three night trip that renewed my love for the mountains and their majesty








My most recent trip on the trail was a four day trip I took with my sister last 4th of July with my sister. We hiked the Maryland section of the trail, 40 miles from Harpers Ferry to Pen Mar state park. She wanted to go so that she could get a preview of what hiking the Trail would be like, this was her first backpacking trip. Despite the effect that hiking around 10 miles a day had on her feet she was able to see the reasons that I love the feeling of freedom that traveling by foot in the mountains gives. It was great to be able to share the trail with Nicole and show her my passion






Annapolis Rocks

2013 Hike of the Maryland Section

2013 Hike of the Maryland Section

Jay Parker